Relax Gift Bag

Relax Gift Bag

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What we all need in these trying times.   Our Relax bag comes with a 1oz Lavender OMG Creme or Lavender Body Scrub, 4oz Lavender or Citrus Lavender handmade soap, Lavender Aromatherapy Spray, stress relieving Aromatherapy Roll-on, and Sleep Balm.  It makes a great gift for you or someone you care about.  

The OMG Creme is a fantastic massage creme, moisturizer, and foot creme.  It's amazing!  The Aromatherapy spray and roll-on are sized for on the go so you can still chilled along the way.  The Sleep Balm is made with organic herbs and organic essential oils.  The Hops and Spikenard are rather strong smelling so I use it on the soles of my feet.  This latest batch has more lavender in it to tone down the Hops. 

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