OMG Double Vitamin C Serum

OMG Double Vitamin C Serum

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I was saying OMG within the first week of using this new serum.  Amazing results!  Fades dark spots from sun damage, evens skin tone, skin looks healthier and younger. 


It’s made with purified water, Hylauronic acid, L Ascorbic acid, Vitamin 3 Glyceryl Ascorbate, and a proprietary blend of organic essential oils. 

L Ascorbic acid, a potent anti-oxidant, plays an important role in the prevention of dry skin and wrinkles, collagen synthesis and skin regeneration, brightens skin tone, and protects against repairs UV damage.  Ferulic acid, found in leaves, seeds, and bran of grasses, rice, wheat and oat, has strong anti-oxidant properties.  Hyaluronic acid occurs naturally in every tissue of the body.  It's the natural gel between skin cells that serves as a water reservoir raising skin's moisture levels and smoothing age lines. It helps to preserve skin's suppleness, elasticity and tone. 


I used it everyday for a two weeks, and now alternate with OMG Daily Treatment.   .85oz

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