Congestion Relief Essential Oil Blend

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A blend of organic essential oils that relieves chest and nasal congestion and loosens mucus.  

  • With the bottle a couple of inches from nose, breathe normally inhaling the aroma for 1 to 2 minutes.  Repeat 3—4 times per day.   
  • Put a drop on a tissue and inhale or put the tissue between the pillow case and pillow overnight.
  • Dilute 10 drops in 2 tablespoon carrier oil, rub on upper chest and back. 

Made with organic essential oils:  Hyssop decumbens is an outstanding anti-viral often used to treat all upper-respiratory conditions and asthma related lung inflammation.    Frankincense is an excellent expectorant and is often used to treat coughs, bronchitis, and a weakened immune system.  It also has a soothing effect on the mind and emotions.  Rosemary Verbenone  is a mucolytic and is used to treat bronchial issues and colds.    Amni Visnaga is a antispasmodic.  It is often used to treat bronchitis and asthma.   Tea Tree is anti-bacterial and a good anti-fungal.  Eucalyptus Radiata is an excellent anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and expectorant.  It is good for rhinitis, flu, sinusitis, and bronchitis.  It is often used in children's cold remedies.   Thyme is an antiseptic oil often used to treat influenza.  Inula Gravelolens is probably one of the most powerful mucolytic (breaks up mucus to make it easier to expel) essential oils.  

Note:  1.5ml is in a 5ml bottle.  The bottle will not be full.  Smaller bottles that will look full are too small and easy to lose. 

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