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I always said no to getting into CBD or HTC for pain relief ….then I became a believer.  I was home visiting family and had shoulder and neck pain to the point I could not use my arm or get relief with other products and pain relievers.  My son uses CBD crème, the non-THC kind.  He rubbed it in my shoulder and neck twice and worked!  It’s amazing.  So naturally I had to make my own, controlling what went into it and what didn’t. 


Cannabidiol (CBD) isolate does not contain THC.  It does have pain relieving properties.  Added to Arnica and Helichrysum, it’s a perfect synergy for pain relief.

I start with the same infusion of Arnica and Helichrysum flowers in organic Olive oil used in our regular Arnica Salve, then add CBD isolate and menthol crystals.   This is a creme instead of a salve.   1oz 

Arnica is often used to relieve the pain and inflammation and to treat bruises, sprains, arthritic pain and muscle aches.  Helichrysum has anti-inflammatory and pain relieving properties and is often used to speed the healing of wounds. Cannabidoil (CBD)  Isolate is a non-THC isolate that relieves pain and inflammation.  Menthol reduces inflammation and stimulates circulation.

Apply on inflicted area, wait 15 - 30 minutes and apply again for best results. 


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