Belly Butter

Belly Butter

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Soothing, healing and safe to use when expecting.  Belly Butter eases dry skin, keeping it supple and soft.  Helps to prevent stretch marks on belly and breasts. 

Made with organic Kokum butter, unrefined Shea butter, organic Cocoa butter, organic Rosehip seed oil, organic Aragon oil, scented with organic Mandarin and Helichrysum essential oils.

Kokum butter is hard at room temperature but melts upon contact with skin.  It helps to prevent dry skin, heal chapped skin, regenerates skin cells and reduces degeneration; non-pore clogging, softens and restores skin flexibility. 

Shea butter aids in skin conditions such as wrinkles, stretch marks, dermatitis.  It full of natural vitamin A.  Extremely moisturizing and very hydrating.  Promotes softness, smoothness and flexibility. 

Cocoa butter is moisturizing and protecting.  Rosehip seed oil if full of natural vitamin A.  Reduces stretch marks, treats fine lines and wrinkles, hydrates dry skin, and evens skin tone.  Aragon oil has high vitamin e and fatty acid content.  It absorbs easily and is non-irritating.  Helichrysum is regenerative and healing and anti-inflammatory.   4oz jar


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