OMG Daily Body Treatment

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OMG Daily Treatment for the body.  We use the same organic essential oils that are in the Daily Treatment for the face plus a revolutionary anti-aging active ingredient based on a plant cell culture: orange stem cells.  


The organic essential oils are known for their regenerative properties, smoothing fine lines and wrinkles, improving and evening skin tone, blemish control, and overall promoting good skin health. 

The stem cells work by organizing the extracellular matrix and improves cellular adhesion resulting in skin that recovers the elasticity it had 12 years ago, with a softer and more velvety complexion, and a younger appearance.   Overall they:

  • renew skin appearance: fewer wrinkles and improved overall appearance.
  • Recover the elastic properties that your skin had 12 years ago; and 
  • Skin is smoother and more silky.
  • They are sourced from renewable plant material in a sustainable and ecological process without genetic modifications or solvents. 


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